TRUST Coalition

Press Kit

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Media Advisory: TRUST Surveillance Technology Oversight Ordinance achieves unanimous consent for final passage. (08/04/22)

Media Advisory: San Diego City Council Gives Unanimous and Final Approval of Privacy Advisory Board (04/06/22)

Press Release: San Diego City Council Unanimously Approves TRUST SD Ordinance (11/11/20)

Press Release: Huge Win for TRUST SD Coalition and Community Members At Large at PS&LN Today (01/29/20)

For press inquiries, please contact:

GeneviƩve Jones-Wright, Esq - Executive Director, Community Advocates for Just and Moral Government

The Transparent and Responsible Use of Surveillance Technology San Diego (TRUST SD) Coalition was originally formed to address the widespread and secretive use, installation, and acquisition of the Smart Streetlights technology that is being deployed all over San Diego County. TRUST SD is made up of 30 local community organizations that represent various sectors of our communities.